Welcome to Memory Lane Games! A relative new kid on the block of game companies, we started life in April 2013.

What do we do?

Well first of all, we make games! Our name gives that secret away a little bit!

More precisely though, we reinvent traditional games that are well known and loved, and we make them all about you. Literally.

You will maybe recognise our games as ones you have played when you were younger – maybe you played them with a sibling, parent, or even a grandparent! Perhaps you are a parent yourself, and you now play these games with your own children!

It’s All About You! 

Unlike other games that are filled with fantasy characters, or digital avatars, we decided not to use any imagery wizardry. Nor do we use any stock pictures. Instead, we let you play with pictures from your own collection. The can be photographs from the distant past or, thanks to the magic of technology, they can be pictures taken right here, right now!

Technology is a great thing. Especially mobile technology. Did you know that 58% of Americans are more likely to choose a mobile phone based on the camera it has! But what to do with all the pictures you take? All the biscuit tins and shoe boxes of memories you have stored up over time.

Memory Lane Games breathes new life into these pictures by creating games with them.


Interesting question – founder Caroline Howes was inspired to set up this venture from an experience very close to her heart.

‘I was playing a game of Pairs with my grandfather, himself a patient with dementia, and we were using a deck of cards with images of classical composers on them. It struck me then that a deck of cards using photos of our family members would be equally as fun, and more relevant for him, than repeatedly reinforcing images of Handel, Bach, and Mozart!’

What Now? 

Memory-Match was launched for iPad and iPad mini at the end of June 2013. We also have a printed playing card service available for anyone who might not have technology at their finger tips!

We’re in the process of adding new digital games to our suite, so watch out for news about these.

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