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Development of the iPad game started on March 30th 2013. I was thrilled – there is something addictive about the realisation of a product, from thought to paper to tangible item.

Getting a game developed, especially when you are not the one doing the programming, is a little bit like cooking; in the same way that you get all the ingredients, mix them all together, stick them in a pot/pan/tin, and await the outcome, so you send a brief with a list of requirements which a developer bolts together, and sends you back the results.

Memory-Match went through a couple of evolutions before we got the right ‘mix’ of ingredients. One feature that was consistent through the entire process was content personalisation; at the heart of the game is the ability to use your own photographs to create the decks of flashcards. However, the look and feel of Memory-Match did undergo a few iterations. I thought I would share some of the earlier visual appearances of the game before the final theme was settled upon.

Memory-Match: Iteration 1 

The first round of artwork was rich and warm in colours, with really tangible graphics style. The photo albums were actually ‘albums’, with leather covers and gold-plated corners…

The first Memory-Match photo album presentation

The first Memory-Match photo album presentation









The albums were complimented with cards being presented on a wooden coffee table, disappearing into the top of the screen to give a great sense of perspective.

Card layout of the first design.

Card layout of the first design.









After testing this version with a couple of older players, we realised that the smaller cards at the top of the screen were being ‘missed’. So it was back to the drawing board.

Memory-Match: Iteration 2

The entire game was given a rather radical overhaul, moving away from the rich, dark style and towards a flatter design…

The second photo album style for Memory-Match

The second photo album style for Memory-Match









The card presentation was also dramatically changed in order to keep size ration consistent across all cards. We also included more funky retro elements, like communication messages in the game matching the new logo…

The second card layout, incorporating a more retro style.

The second card layout, incorporating a more retro style.









Happier with the second iteration design, we looked again at the colour scheme for the game.

Memory Match: Iteration 3

Third time lucky, so the saying goes. And this has very much been the case for us. A few more tweaks to the colour palette in the game and we had a finished product!

Memory Match Album - the final cut

Remember when…. your photos, your memories!









Card layouts have been alternated, with increasing card numbers as you work up the levels to increase the challenge of the game, and reveal more of the memory theme you have created!

Sneak peak inside Memory Match...

Sneak peak inside Memory Match…









The final version of Memory-Match is available to download from the iTunes AppStore now.

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