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Remember When… You Last Appeared in the Newspaper?

John Alexander in the paper winning a golf trophy

On the back of Memory Lane Games very first appearance in the press, we got to thinking about the last time any of our recent celebrities had appeared in the press. For Founder, Caroline Howes, the last time she appeared

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Personalising Playtime

Forgotten Pictures from an Old Family Photo Album

Can you think of anything better than playing a game? That sense of anticipation you get before the first dice roll, when everyone is on equal footing and victory is everyone’s for the taking. The roller-coaster of emotions are the

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Memory-Match First Newspaper Feature

Memory-Match featured in the Kirky Herald

Memory-Match received a great piece of coverage in the Kirkintilloch Herald this week – the first official press coverage for the game, and the company! It is fitting that the local childhood paper of Founder, Caroline Howes, was also the

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Memory-Matching Superheroes – Thunderbirds

We recently discovered that son of Thunderbirds creator has set up a Memory Walk in tribute to his father. As lifelong Thunderbirds fans, we thought we would create a Memory-Match board of our favourite characters from the iconic series. Check

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Fisher Price for Gran

Tech entrepreneurs are busy creating amazing mobile tech solutions that make their lives easier. We are also looking to those who are behind us on the biological timeline; education apps for children are BIG BUSINESS, as we lazily pass over

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Appearance is Everything

Development of the iPad game started on March 30th 2013. I was thrilled – there is something addictive about the realisation of a product, from thought to paper to tangible item. Getting a game developed, especially when you are not

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Where are my family photos hiding?

It sounds easy doesn’t it – ‘pick up to 12 photos, upload them, and play.’ I thought so, and I created the game idea in the first place! However I have learned through my own experience of creating MemoryBox card

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First Memory-Match Playing Cards

I received fantastic feedback from my dad regarding my grandfather’s first play attempt with the flashcards tonight. We got some invaluable, immediate feedback on how his brain was processing the pictures on the cards in front of him. To start

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Personalised HealthCare

Medical science reported a breakthrough yesterday in cancer treatment. Saliva samples and DNA screening allowed doctors to identify mutant DNA strings in patients, accelerating treatment and potentially cure. Scientists made the breakthrough in prostate cancer, with similar work already being

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Arrived: Memory-Match Playing Cards Prototype

I could not believe how quickly these cards were turned around! Walking to the print shop to collect them I was a mixture of excitement and apprehension – what if the pictures were too fuzzy, the cards not of good

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