Where are my family photos hiding?

It sounds easy doesn’t it – ‘pick up to 12 photos, upload them, and play.’

I thought so, and I created the game idea in the first place! However I have learned through my own experience of creating MemoryBox card games, that ‘up to 12 photos’ is sometimes a little harder to pull together than it sounds.

I have many photos of holidays I’ve been on, cities I’ve visited, and nights out with my friends on my computer. But where then, were all the photos of my family hiding?! It turns out they were on the computers, walls, and in albums, of other people. The very first card game took 8 emails, multiple phone calls, and even more time searching through my own digital photo albums. I almost gave up!

Then I remembered why I was going to all the effort in the first place. There was someone else who I felt needed the game more than all the effort I was putting in to creating it. So I continued.

My first picture pack contained a real jumble of pictures, some of which were VERY dated! If you explore the website you will see some of the images I used. I had headshots of individuals, group shots, and a couple of ‘cool’ on-location shots. When we first played, my grandfather found it much easier to match the individual head shots. He also found these easier to recognise. The more people in the picture, the harder he found it to identify who was in the image. He also spotted imagery in the background more clearly than I had; I was so focused on which family member was in the picture, I had scarcely noticed the Sydney Opera House looming like a seagull in the background of the photo!!

So here are a few takeaway learnings for choose your game pictures:

  1. Individual or duo photographs appear to be easier to identify than large group photos, so ensure to include a couple of these.
  2. Check the background of the photo for potentially distracting ‘noise’ (however this can add entertaining twist to the game especially if you have not noticed it!)
  3. Persevere with the hunt for pictures if you find you don’t have the ones you’re looking for to hand!

Happy matching!

Picture Portrait

Can you spot the birdy?


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