Memory-Match for iPad

Introducing ‘Memory-Match’ – addictive new flash card puzzle games using YOUR PHOTOS! Challenge your mind with your memories…

Create photo albums, match pictures, and make those special events, people, and places unforgettable.

Remember when.... your photos, your memories!

Remember when…. your photos, your memories!

Available exclusively on the iPad and iPad Mini, Memory-Match transforms your photo albums into decks of flash cards, which are then used to play the traditional card game ‘Pairs’. A fine test of visual memory skills, you are challenged to clear the cards by matching identical images.

The more you play, the more photos you unlock resulting an expansion of the memory – figuratively and literally!


Earn points by accurately matching photos, with bonus points added for speedy performances. The Stats record allows you to track your performance over time.

Take on friends in a head-to-head dual using the the two player mode, or play against yourself in the single player mode.

There is no limit to the number of photos you can add to Memory-Match, with pictures easily uploaded and amended when you fancy a refresh.

Memory-Match is ideal for adults of all ages, and children too. Trials have shown that the game is a particularly good tool for:

– engaging with people who have early stage Dementia, reinforcing meaningful memories

– early years education, reinforcing learning and recognition skills


Key Features of Memory-Match include:

* card decks created from photo albums with YOUR pictures

* multiple card layouts

* increasing number of cards per layout for increased challenge

* earn bonus points for fast matching

* track your play progress across layouts, including accuracy and time for completion


* NO in-game advertising

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