Game-Based CST

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy has been proven to have significant benefits for patients with Dementia. The activity is of such importance that the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence included Cognitive Stimulation therapy in their care guidelines for Dementia.

What is Cognitive Stimulation?

Cognitive Stimulation is a nursing intervention defined as the ‘promotion of awareness and comprehension of surroundings by utilisation of planned stimuli.

Why is it Important? 

Cognitive Stimulation is important because it helps to keep brain functioning in a healthy manner.

How Can Games Help? 

Games have been an excellent cognitive stimulant since the dawn of time. Backgammon is thought to be one of the oldest games, with playing sets from 3000 BC being found! Games require constant mental processing in the brain, evaluating what moves have taken place, what is my next optimal move, what might an opponent do if I play X, Y, or Z. Even simple games such as ‘Snap’ or ‘Dominos’ requires a certain amount of strategic thinking between the players.

Brain activity during game play is vital cognitive stimulation processes.

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