Memory-Match: The Beginning

Today I took the plunge and registered the new domain name – To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. Exactly a week ago – March 2nd, 2013, I drafted the scope for a mobile game app. By the end of Saturday I had a name for the business, and possible logo!

First layout attempt!

First card layout attempt for the app using my business cards!

Having spent a considerable number of hours brainstorming the concept with my closest friend, the potential scale of the business proposition became clear. Financial planning ensued, but for me this concept, this iPad App, I see as being more than just the numbers on the page. I’m creating it because I sincerely believe that it will make a difference for those that use it.

What is this wonder product I hear you asking? I’m creating an iPad App which, whilst having broad market appeal, will be particularly beneficial for people with dementia, and their nearest and dearest. The game will let people exercise their brains whilst simultaneously reinforcing the sentimental memories. The core of the game is personalisation.

Why am I doing this? I have personal experience of witnessing the effects of dementia and I want to use the knowledge and expertise I have developed from working in the games industry to give something back to this vulnerable group.

It all began when I was visiting my grandfather; we were playing the classic card game  pairs with a pack of cards with pictures of classical composers on them (my grandmother is a music scholar, so these mean alot to her). In watching my grandfather, himself a dementia patient, scan these cards in an attempt to remember where two Mozart, Bach or Handel were hiding it struck me – would it not be better he was trying to find pairs of his daughters or grandchildren? My Aunt lives in Australia with my younger cousins; my sister has also relocated down under whilst I have based myself in London – none of us can casually ‘call in’ for a cup of coffee and a biscuit any more.

 And so it was that the idea for Memory Lane Games was born.

As with all newly launching products of the 21st Century, I want to record and share my experience of building this dementia App from the ground up. I am creating my own ‘Memory Lane’ for the project.

I’m hoping the game will make a postiive impact, be it large or small, on the lives of people suffering from dementia – which is basically a single track road of deteriorating memory loss until the grave. If I succeed in bringing a smile to even one other family living with dementia, then I will know that this work has been worth it.

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